Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical specializes in supplying industrial tanks, such as gasoline tanks, oil tanks, chemical tanks, clean water tanks, etc.

Industrial tanks are researched and manufactured according to the process of manufacturing pressure equipment and are soldered on Miller digital submerged arc weling machine.

Manufacturing standards: TCVN6153, 6156, 6008 – 1996
Endurance standards: ASME VIII
Material standards: SUS 304 stainless steel, SS400 steel, Q345
Weld quality: 100% ultrasonic welding


Capacity: 1 – 200m3
All are sandblasted SA 2.5 standard, high quality Epoxy paint

bồn công nghiệp HGPT

Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical’s industrial tank

bể công nghiệp HGPT

Industrial storage tank manufactured by HGPT Mechanical