Pressure vessels, Compressed air tanks are researched and manufactured by Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical according to the manufacturing process of pressure equipment, welding on Miller SubArc AC/DC 1000 Digital Submerged Arc Weling Machine. Products used to contain compressed air, condensed gas, distillation vessels, etc.

– Manufacturing standards: TCVN6153, 6156, 6008 – 1996, 8366-2010
– Standard of durability: ASME VIII, ASME USA
– Standard of materials: SS400, Q345
– Quality of the weld: Ultrasonic welding 100%
– Volume: 0.5-50m3 | Pressure from 5-30kg / cm2


– 100% new materials, certificates of origin, standards suitable for pressure equipment
– Submerged arc welding technology, ensure 100% penetration
– Inside is sandblasted, rust-proof paint, increases the service life when there is steam


Plv: working pressure in Kg / cm2
T: thickness of the shell calculated in mm

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Pressure vessel manufactured by Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical