Business Philosophy

With more than 30 years of creation and continuous growth along with the development of Vietnam's mechanical industry, HGPT Mechanical has become a reputable contractor in the field of manufacturing equipment for heavy industry.

With the trust from customers, the intensive technical capacity, with clear quality policy and modern machinery equipment and strong financial capability. HGPT Mechanical is committed to providing the most effective solutions, giving customers peace of mind and benefit when collaborating with us.

HGPT Mechanical - Niềm tin Chất lượng
HGPT Mechanical - Niềm tin Chất lượng

Why You Should Choose Us?

We understand that there are so many insecurities in our current life. So HGPT Mechanical has to make customers feel secure when ordering, employees are assured to contribute, partners are assured when cooperating...!
We build a Business Culture based on "Trust and Quality".

- Honest from words to actions, only using materials that meet the requirements and quality standards.

- Efforts and commitment to follow the project schedule. Because we understand that your business plan is one of the key to success.

- Consistent with mechanical industry for nearly 30 years, we have the capacity and experience to advise and offer the most beneficial solutions to customers.

- Focusing on innovation and creativity. Always investing in the most modern equipment and technology to serve customers faster and faster.

- Recruiting talented people with ethics and responsibility. Take good care of your employees so they are dedicated to customers.

- Invest in building 2 factories with headquarters in Hoa Cam Industrial Park. The factory operates with Kaizen - 5S to create a safe production environment and achieve high productivity.

- Always try to cut down on unnecessary expenses to sell with the best price.


7 Operative Principles

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