Business Philosophy

More than 30 years of endless creativity and consecutive growth in conjunction with the progress of the Vietnamese Mechanical Industry, Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical has become a renowned mechanical contractor in the heavy machinery and equipment assembly.

Considering customer trust, specialized technical capacity, transparent quality’s policy, state-of-the-art equipment and firm financial strength as a solid foundation, HGPT Mechanical commits itself to offer the most effective technical solutions with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction and benefits.

HGPT Mechanical - Niềm tin Chất lượng
HGPT Mechanical - Niềm tin Chất lượng

Why Us?

Motivated by a burning desire for bringing reassurance for customers, employees and co-partners,
we establish a business culture based on the philosophy of “Success together" and having the following principles:

- Honesty is put on the top priority evidenced by using only materials that meet the projects' requirements and are of good quality.

- HGPT Mechanical always endeavours and commits to implementing the project on schedule as we truly understand the paramount importance of customers' business plan.

- Over 30-year experience demonstrates our capacity for counselling and offering the most beneficial solutions for customers.

- Innovation and Creativity are emphasized with the endless investment in the most state-of-the-art equipment and technology with the view to serving customers in a faster manner.

- Only ethical and responsible workers are employed, and we take good care of member staff so that they are dedicated to our customers.

- Two factories with headquarters in Hoa Cam Industrial Park utilize Kaizen - 5S in order to create a safe production environment and gain high productivity.

- HGPT Mechanical strives to cut down unnecessary costs, thereby offering customers the most reasonable prices.


7 Operative Principles

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