Câu chuyện Cơ khí Hà Giang Phước Tường

In the years 1976 - 1980, Teacher Ha Giang was a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at  at Nguyen Van Troi Vocational College - No. 01 Cao Thang street, Da Nang. In the late 80s, teachers life faced many difficulties. With the meager income of being a teacher at that time, how could he take care of the family with five young children?

With that concern in mind, beyond the time of teaching at Nguyen Van Troi Vocational College, Teacher Ha Giang has cycled around the city carrying a mini welding machine to repair the gate as required. From the genuine motive of caring for the children, a teacher who graduated from Thu Duc Technical & Pedagogy University has started his business in that way.

At that time, his welding machine was made from available items with a compact design that was easy to carry and move. This is considered as the first product of Teacher Ha Giang on the way to start his own business, the welding machine has gone through tough days with him. Now it becomes a valuable memento associated with old memories.


In the late '80s, the country was in a period of pre-renewal, the people have to face many difficulties, one of the most difficult things was how to have enough food, enough clothing.

In the course of teaching at Nguyen Van Troi Vocational College, Teacher Ha Giang - founder of Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical JSC, has researched and created a pedal-threshing machine that has saved a lot of energy and brought higher productivity.

At that time, the farmers were very poor, so they could not afford to buy the machine. So Teacher Ha Giang negotiated with them, "exchanging threshing machines for rice." The farmers came to receive the machine, then, at harvest time, the farmers gradually paid off their debts with rice. Since then, the food for the whole family of Teacher Ha Giang seems to be fine. We appreciate this machine. Calling it a threshing machine or a rice changing machine - both are correct!

Câu chuyện Cơ khí Hà Giang Phước Tường

With the inherent dynamic and creative qualities, when seeing many modern machines that were sponsored by the Soviet Union for schools, were not used, Teacher Ha Giang proposed to the school to hire them for his own business.

At that time, he carried out many significant projects, especially the projects that manufactured hundreds meters of pressure pipes for An Diem Hydroelectricity - Irrigation works for Laos, benefiting the State Budget hundreds of millions dong. These works have created a reputation for the Central of Vietnam industry in general and Da Nang industry in particular. To satisfy his passion for mechanical manufacturing, as well as contribute to the development of Vietnam's Industry. In 1988, Teacher Ha Giang opened his own mechanical workshop at the foot of Phuoc Tuong Mountain, built up Ha Giang Phuoc tuong Mechanical brand.

In 2001, all of his enthusiasm seemed to collapse when he suffered a heart attack and had to put aside all his works for treatment. This is also the time when the second son of the Teacher – Mr. Ha Duc Hung, who has just graduated from Marine Electrical and Automation System Department, decided to put aside his dream of being a sailor to help his father maintain the factory. After 2 years of studying and working at the same time, his love for mechanics has grown up, which is the motivation for Mr. Hung to continue his father's passion for mechanical until now.

It has been 30 years since its establishment, HGPT Mechanical has grown steadily by being consistent with the Mechanical Engineering Industry. The Company focuses on manufacturing auxiliary mechanical equipment for production plants & constructions, such as Hydroelectric Plant, Industrial Plant, Water Plant, Steel Mill, Centrifugal Concrete Production Plant, Steel Structure works, Factory Construction works, etc.

We build our corporate culture based on ethical & honest, so that Our customers could feel secure when cooperating - Our employees could feel please when dedicating. The greatest wish of the Teacher, the Father is that the Company could operates in all 3 criteria: Harmonizing the interests of Clients, the Company and the Employees.

The 30-year journey is not long, but HGPT Mechanical has created lots of marks with many meaningful works. We would like to express our gratitude to all customers who have trusted and supported Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong during the past time.




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