Warehouse management is the control of the day-to-day operations of a warehouse, such as the shipping, receiving, put-away and picking of goods.

What is warehouse manager?

Warehouse Managers are in charge of the administrative aspects of warehouses and other storage facilities. It is their job to coordinate the activities of all workers, contact and liaise with customers, oversee the receiving and shipping of goods, and ensure that all items are properly stored in an efficient and orderly manner.

It is the responsibility of the Warehouse Manager to ensure that they possess the necessary space and equipment to store what their customer needs to store. They are also tasked with maintaining an inventory of all items stored and a following a strict and rigorous organization scheme in order to be able to retrieve items promptly when required.

What does a warehouse manager do?

Tasks and responsibilities of warehouse managers include:

1. Arranging goods, supplies and raw materials in stock

Scientific arrangement of goods and supplies in stock

Create and update warehouse diagrams

2. Ensure the standard of goods in stock

Arrange in stock in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

For perishable goods, they need to be managed according to the principle of first in first out

3. Carrying out import and export procedures

Receive, check documents, papers required to enter, deliver goods, deliver goods or transport goods as prescribed

Carrying out the import and export of goods and supplies for related individuals

Recording in and out of stock

Keep track of the amount of import and export goods daily and compare with the minimum inventory level

4. Keep track of minimum inventory

Track the minimum amount of inventory daily and ensure all goods in the warehouse must have a minimum inventory level

Proposing to the Director to change the minimum inventory level to suit the fluctuation of the amount of warehoused goods

5. Implementation of order procedures

Make a purchase order form for auxiliary supplies, personal tools, …

Comply with the regulations on fire protection (fire protection) and warehouse safety

Ensure the fire protection rules in stock

Check the shelves periodically, avoiding moisture, breakage, termites, …

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