Inspired by the concept of a spacecraft, the canopy over the swimming pool in Bao Ninh 1 Urban Area – Quang Binh is not only an impressive design but also a complex steel structure, featuring steel tubes bent into various shapes. The product demands high precision in technical craftsmanship for fabrication and assembly.

Manufacturing the steel structure of the canopy at the factory.

From the manufacturing process, skilled mechanical workers at HGPT have strived to ensure that every detail of the actual product closely adheres to the original design. The canopy is a composite steel structure made from steel tubes with diameters of up to 600mm, featuring a height span of 18 meters and a length ranging from 50 meters.

To ensure precise and secure interconnection of large-sized steel structures at the construction site, HGPT has employed three specialized cranes, with the largest crane having a lifting capacity of up to 300 tons.

With all the efforts, on July 7, 2023, the assembly was successfully completed, creating an innovative canopy structure with a powerful spacecraft-like appearance. HGPT continues to leave its mark on an impressive work of art.

As of the current moment, the project has been completed and put into use.

The construction has been put into operation.

HGPT Mechanical expresses gratitude to the investor, the design team, and the staff who have accompanied us in the steel structure canopy project for the Bao Ninh 1 Swimming Pool in Quang Binh.

HGPT Mechanical – a reputable unit in steel structure design, construction, and installation.


Project Information:
Contract package: Supply, construction, and installation of the steel structure canopy for the swimming pool.

Project: Bao Ninh 1 Urban Area

Location: Bao Ninh Commune – Dong Hoi City – Quang Binh Province

Investor: Dat Xanh Mien Trung Corporation

Construction contractor: HGPT Mechanical

Design consultancy: Nhan Viet Construction Design Consultancy JSC


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