In the first generation, spun concrete pole molds were designed with thick steel shells, removable flywheel rim must be fitted with bolts on the two halves of the mold, the mold did not have positive and negative edges, the flywheels with displacement blockers when rotating, 2-headed lids in this generation do not have rubber groove to prevent drainage.

khuôn đúc bê tông ly tâm thế hệ 1

HGPT Mechanical 1st generation spun concrete pole molds

Advantages: solid, firm, the mold does not jump out when rotating

Disadvantages: difficult and time-consuming to assemble; heavy; when the flywheel is worn out, the mold edge must be replaced; the drain is not beautiful because there is a bulge

The 2nd generation spun concrete pole molds is designed with a thinner shells (SS400 steel), the mold has a positive and negative edge, the flywheel transforms into an anti-displacement edge on the rollers of the rotary platform, the two-sided lids have added rubber grooves to prevent drainage.

Khuôn đúc bê tông ly tâm HGPT Mechanical thế hệ 2

HGPT Mechanical 2nd generation spun concrete pole molds

Advantages: Sturdy mold, easy to remove, beautiful casted pipe, reduced price, rolling wheels can be repaired when worn.

Disadvantages: Mold easily dented, easy to fly out.

The 3rd generation spun concrete pole molds retains the design of the 2nd generation but the shell material has been changed to Japanese steel to increase durability, the concrete surface after casting is smooth & high aesthetic.

khuôn đúc trụ điện bê tông ly tâm dự ứng lực

HGPT Mechanical 3rd generation spun concrete pole molds

Experiencing every stage, thanks to continuous improvement, currently the centrifugal concrete mold – the electric pillar mold of Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical is of the best quality in Vietnam, with outstanding features:

– Accuracy concentric and central
– Higher durability than previous generations
– High rigidity
– Reasonable price

Particularly, electric pillar casting mold has additional advantages:

– Thanks to high rigidity, it is easy to stretch tension steel
– Mold is over 24 meters long but does not sag during transfer