A hanger system is a mounting framework used to suspend and transport machine frames, vehicles, etc., on a conveyor belt. The hanger system is typically part of an automated suspension system in modern assembly lines. It is designed to securely hold vehicle or machine bodies safely and firmly while allowing them to move along the conveyor line. This design ensures that the bodies are tightly secured yet mobile along the conveyor pipeline. Consequently, it offers numerous benefits such as more efficient space utilization, easier accessibility for assembly and production, and greater mobility compared to traditional floor conveyors.


Design and Functionality of the Hanger

  • Vehicle/ Machine Frame Mounting: The hanger typically features a sturdy frame designed to attach to specific points on the vehicle or machine body. This ensures that the frame of the machinery or vehicle is securely transported on the conveyor.
  • Attachment Mechanism: The hanger may have flexible adjustment mechanisms to accommodate different sizes and shapes of vehicle or machine frames. These flexible adjustment mechanisms may include parts for adjusting width, length, and height of the hanger.
  • Mounting Points: The hanger has detailed designed mounting points to correspond with attachment locations on the vehicle body. These mounting points are usually carefully positioned to ensure secure and safe attachment.
  • Protective Mechanism: Hangers often include protective elements such as soft cushions like rubber to prevent scratching or damaging the surface of the machine frame during transportation.

Selecting the Appropriate Hanger

When designing a hanger system, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

– Weight and Dimensions: The hanger needs to be designed to withstand the weight of different vehicle bodies and ensure even weight distribution.

– Type of Vehicle/Machinery: The type of vehicle to be produced (such as cars, light trucks, electric cars, etc.) or the machine frame to be assembled will influence the hanger design to ensure safe and effective attachment.

– Processing Requirements: If there are specific processes such as welding, painting, or precise assembly on the vehicle body, the hanger needs to be designed to support these processes efficiently.

– Adjustment Mechanisms: The hanger should have flexible adjustment capabilities to accommodate various variations in vehicle bodies.

The Hanger System designed and manufactured by HGPT

The hanger system plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability and safety of the vehicle or machinery production/assembly process on the conveyor line. Designing and selecting the appropriate hanger is an integral part of implementing an efficient production conveyor system.

The Hanger System designed and manufactured by HGPT


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