Steel structure is a structure made of steel used to bear the load of construction works, widely used in large-scale projects and requiring high durability.

Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical is a company specializing in designing, manufacturing & installing steel structures for industrial, commercial and civil constructions, including:

– Pre-engineered steel buildings: Factories, warehouses, offices …

– High tower structure: high voltage poles, line poles, antenna poles …

– Other steel structures: Formwork, bridge pylons, advertising poles, steel bridges, decorative arched steel structures …

Design standards: TCVN 5575-2012

Manufacturing & installation standard: TCVN 170-2007

Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical is pleased to introduce some quality steel structure that we have been fabricated:

Kết cấu thép Sân bay Đà Nẵng

Processing steel structure at Danang Airport’s International Terminal

Kết cấu thép Nhà tiếp dân TP Huế

Steel structure of Hue Police Station Building

nafh máy tinh bột sắn fococev

Steel structure of Fococev Kon Ray Tapioca Starch Factory

With a team of experienced engineers in construction & processing and a team of enthusiastic support consultants, if you have any demand for construction or fabrication of steel structures, please feel free to contact us. HGPT Mechanical will advise you the best services to bring the highest efficiency. Very pleased to serve you!