Meeting with Mr. Ha Duc Hung – Director of Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical Joint Stock Company in a busy time with year-end orders, hearing his confidences about the secret of keeping his enthusiasm for his job, I can somewhat understand the 130% growth of the PHUOCTUONGMC in the time when not many entrepreneurs want to share about their business results.

Anh Hà Đức Hùng - Giám đốc Cty Cổ phần Cơ khí Hà Giang Phước Tường

Mr. Ha Duc Hung works with a team of engineers from Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical Joint Stock Company

Mr. Ha Giang, a passionate teacher with a career in mechanical engineering training at Nguyen Van Troi Vocational College. Mechanical workshop was established by Mr. Ha Giang in 1988 (the precursor of the current Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical Joint Stock Company) was born in a very special context, not for business purposes but to satisfy his fascinated by research and innovation in the very new industry of the country.

One of the first products of the workshop was to manufacture pressure pipes for An Diem hydropower project – a product that resonated greatly for Danang Mechanical Industry.

Ha Duc Hung, son of teacher Ha Giang, who has graduated from the Department of Marine Electrical and Automation System, became a successor. The research works and his graduation thesis in 2001 were related to the mechanical engineering industry.

The research topic of “mechanical tension device for oil tanker cable but displayed through electronics” has surprised the teachers in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications. And I do not know, the love and understanding of mechanics has come to me ever since. Probably thanks to my father’s genetic genes.

While my father was ill, I took over the company with all my enthusiasm. I worked with the engineers to research and manufacture each mechanical product from small to large”, Mr. Ha Duc Hung told about startup days when he was only 22 years old.

Overcoming the inferiority of a small businesses, Mr. Ha Duc Hung succeeded in bidding for hydraulic engineering equipment in hydropower projects in Dak Lak in 2004. From the serial successful, Hung dreamed of producing high-quality supporting industry products in Vietnam instead of importing them.

Cán bộ Công Nhân viên HGPT Mechanical

New orders in the field of hydraulic engineering, industrial equipment, and road and bridge construction require many types of equipment with high difficulty. That is when Mr. Hung must add fire and faith so that the whole “Scientific Council of the company” can start working on it.

“The joy of the mechanic is that after many months of researching and manufacturing an imported foreign replacement device that can save billions of dong. So we stood firm with creativity and boldly moved forward, ”Mr. Hung added.

It has been 30 years since its establishment, HGPT Mechanical has grown steadily by being consistent with the Mechanical Engineering Industry. The Company focuses on manufacturing auxiliary mechanical equipment for production plants & constructions, such as Hydroelectric Plant, Industrial Plant, Water Plant, Steel Mill, Centrifugal Concrete Production Plant, Steel Structure works, Factory Construction works, etc.

In 2012, although Vietnam’s mechanical engineering industry was in extremely difficult situation, hundreds of mechanical enterprises had to close or declare bankruptcy, the revenue of mechanical orders of Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong increased 3 times, reaching VND 30 billions/year.

Although the number of goods is not as much as in 2011, the number of orders soaring shows that PHUOCTUONGMC brand is increasingly known to more customers.

You will be extremely surprised to find out that the most modern mechanical machines and equipment of the Central region & Central Highlands were researched and manufactured by HGPT Mechanical. Mr. Ha Duc Hung has created a beautiful path, bravery and professionalism” said by Mr. Le Van Hieu, Chairman of the Danang Young Entrepreneurs Association.

Mr. Ha Duc Hung has just been elected to be the Vice Chairman of the Danang Young Entrepreneurs Association. As the youngest member of the Youth Union (33 years old), Hung wishes to light up the fire for young members to believe in themselves and stir up the entrepreneurial movement to do social activities.

These days, Mr. Ha Duc Hung continues to study classes of US economic managers. From a small workshop, up to now, Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical JSC has had two production plants with a total area of 9,000m2 and lots of modern equipment and machinery according to international standards. Perhaps tomorrow, Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong will become one of the leading birds of Vietnam’s industry.

According to Danang Online magazine