Mechanical engineering is one of the industries that is especially important for the development of the economy, because it can produce both production means (machinery, equipment) and consumer products.

Cơ khí Hà Giang Phước Tường

In addition, the Mechanical Industry also repairs equipment and consumer goods throughout its use. But due to the limitations of the mechanical engineering industry such as: big investment, low profits, slow payback period, for a long time, the investment in mechanical industry has not been properly cared and supported, the number of Mechanical facilities in the city area has decreased.

Recently, thanks to the help of the functional departments and the needs of the market, as well as the efforts of those who are dedicated to the mechanical industry, the mechanical industry in the city has gradually recovered and developed. So far, the facilities have not reached the numbers of the golden age in the 80s of the 20th century, but the existing facilities have achieved remarkable results.

Special products such as Coast Guard ships, rescue ships, … of Song Thu Corporation; pressure pipes for large hydroelectric plants such as Son La Hydroelectricity Plant, Song Hinh Hydroelectricity Plant … manufactured by Central Area Electrical Mechanical Joint Stock Company and other hydroelectric equipments manufactured by Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical JSC is the products that has contributed to raising the level of Danang Mechanical Industry.

hạ thủy tàu sông thu

Launched Coast Guard ship manufactured by Song Thu Company

With a 3,000 ton lifting platform, Song Thu Corporation can manufacture specialized ships and high-capacity ships. Currently, the company has a large ship lift platform that can build ships of thousands of tons.

However, in order to have a sustainable development in the future, the company has chosen to invest in building special ships. These vessels have met the economic development needs of the region and contributed to the security and defense.

Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong Mechanical Joint Stock Company, from a private economic establishment, but thanks to its perseverance with the mechanical industry, the company has become the leading and reputable mechanical company in the country, especially in manufacturing equipments for small and medium hydropower plants in the Central region & Central Highlands.

In addition, the company also supports many manufacturing facilities by repairing and maintaining mechanical equipments. This effort has saved tens of millions dong for lots of local businesses, because previously, these devices had to be sent to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi for repair.

However, the mechanical engineering industry still has a low growth rate due to investment restrictions. Therefore, to facilitate the development of the mechanical engineering industry, appropriate policies are needed. Such as lease of production ground, preferential loan capital to Mechanical facilities wishing to invest in new equipments and technologies.

Recently, the Danang People’s Committee and the Da Nang Industrial and Export Processing Zone Authority have reviewed the land fund, giving priority to small and medium-sized mechanical facilities renting land in industrial zones to open it. manufacture factory. This has created favorable conditions for mechanical facilities to develop in the near future.